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The London Chapter of the SPWLA is excited at this opportunity to host the 59th Annual SPWLA Symposium to be held in the centre of London, United Kingdom from June 2nd to June 6th, 2018. Our chapter has long been active in promoting the values of the SPWLA by hosting regular seminars, monthly meetings, new technology days and providing academic sponsorships, year after year. We were the first to offer the Annual Symposium an international location in 1987. We carry the brand of the SPWLA proudly and hosting the symposium again will mean a lot to us as it will coincide with our 45th anniversary as a local chapter.

We have a committee of dedicated individuals that possess the skills and expertise to make London 2018 a success. Our beautiful city of London has a lot to offer. It is the natural meeting point for the world’s business networks. It is a leading city in the global economy and a centre of international trade and finance. More than 150 oil and gas companies retain a presence in the UK, many in London itself. The city continues to nurture some of the finest research and technology developments. For decades, England’s capital has been the launch pad for new ideas and trends. It’s a creative hub where there is always something new to see and do. Hotels, venues, restaurants, and attractions constantly update and improve. This means no matter how many times you visit, London always has something new in store.

Our choice of venue is a unique space and part of the history of London. It provides excellent facilities to host this prestigious event. Within the one building there is not only ample space for our needs but also a professional ambience for the technical presentations, exhibitions, short courses, special meetings, and business lunches that constitute a successful and memorable symposium. Free Wi-Fi is available to delegates so they can always access the internet and emails and so keep in touch with their “day-jobs” whilst in the conference facility. Our audio-visual system is best in class and we will use the latest technology to ensure delegates get the maximum benefit from attending the event.

Accommodation will be close to the venue and will be suitable for a variety of styles and budgets. We have planned an excellent field trip for those who wish to get out into the country and explore some of the wonderful geology that has been the focus of many professional courses and that provides an insight into some of the major oil-bearing provinces in the North Sea. For the spouses, it promises to be a memorable event as well. They will be well taken care of as we have arranged visits to iconic sites such as the Natural History Museum and Stonehenge among other social activities. Finally, London is a hub of transportation that offers many flights and other connections from all major cities around the globe. The public transport system is safe and efficient with buses, taxis and trains that can take you to any location at any time of day. We will be working closely with both the Board of Directors of the SPWLA and the office of the Mayor of London to help us put together a robust plan to ensure both technical and social success at SPWLA London 2018.

In paraphrase of a famous saying: “If someone tires of London, they tire of life!” So take up this opportunity of a lifetime and come to London to sample or resample the delights of a great international city and simultaneously receive the latest technical updates on the ever-expanding world of petrophysics data acquisition and analytics.

On behalf my fellow committee members we look forward to your support and welcoming you to the 59th Annual Symposium SPWLA, London 2018.

Clive Sirju

General Chairman

London SPWLA 2018 Committee